The Progress of Bingo From Beanos to Online Bingo

  Today when you play online bingo with a click of a mouse, you may not be aware of its progress. You may be surprised to know how much research and development has got into it to bring it to your fingertips.

  The bingo that we know today began its journey in 1530 in Italy where it was the official lottery.  It was called lotto in short and that is how it is still called in some gaming halls.  The next step was the Beanos that was played in Germany and other parts of Europe. Beanos used to be very popular between the people and were the heart and soul of almost all carnivals.

   It was played in the US also in small numbers but its popularity grew when Edwin Lowe brought out a new version of beanos. His toy business was going in loss due to recession in markets in. It was in 1929, that Lowe was passing through Georgia, when he saw an excited crowd gathered near a stall at a carnival. Lowe had some time in his hands to kill so decided to check the cause of the crowd. He could not see the centre of the action as there were too many people gathered there.  Once he got to peer into the centre, he saw that a caller was calling a few numbers and people were placing dry beans on their cards if they had the number which was called out. When anybody covered all the numbers he would shout ‘beanos’ and a doll was given as the prize. After a long time, Lowe got a chance to play and felt the same excitement as was felt by others. The caller could not stop the game as no one was ready to leave. It was after 3:00 a.m. that he could stop the game that to by forcefully chasing the players.

   When Lowe returned to his hometown in New York, he started playing the game with his friends. One of his friends shouted Bingo in her excitement instead of beanos when all her numbers were called out. Lowe decided to call his game as bingo and stared leasing it to the others at a fee. Later, he found that the number combination was too less, so he hired a mathematician named Carl Leffler to make unique combinations of cards. The mathematician asked for a fee for each card. The task was more difficult than what the professor had thought of. He raised the charges to $100 per card. In the end Leffler came out with six thousand different combinations of numbers. The bingo became extremely popular among the people all over the world. But there are few people who know that they are playing game at the cost someone’s insanity. The mathematician Leffler had become insane after trying so many number combinations!!!
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