Your Favourite Bingo is Played Differently in US and UK!

There are different forms of bingo played around the world. The different versions are played in the different parts of the world. The bingo has different versions in the US and in UK & Australia. The online bingo has increased its popularity all over the world. In Australia and New Zealand, bingo is called Housie’ India also has a similar type of game known as ‘Tombola’.

Bingo in Australia and Europe:
The basic bingo played in Australia and Europe has numbers drawn from 1-90. There are tickets to be used by the players. These tickets have three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers with four boxes left blank. To find the numbers easily, the columns have distinct number schemes. The first column contains numbers from one to nine, second column 10-19 …. Ninth column 80-90. It becomes uncomplicated for each player to find the numbers quickly. For example, if the number twenty-two is called, the player will look in the third column to check if he has the number or not.

Bingo in the US:
The bingo in the US is a 75-ball game. The bingo card is a 5x5 card with BINGO written on the top. There are generally five columns and five rows. The center space is the ‘free’ which is regarded as filled. Every row column should have a one empty space. The B column has numbers from 1-15, I column has 16-30……and O column has 61-75 numbers.
The players go on marking off/ daubing the numbers that are called out.  There can several bingo calls in a  single game as the players may play for single line, full-house etc. once a line is daubed, the players call out bingo loudly to claim that line or a full house.
The calls are also different in the US and in Europe. In the US the numbers are called in a standard way, i.e., under the ‘I’ (the number), whereas in Europe and Australia the calls are very innovative and humorous to keep the game lively. Some of the bingo calls are common like for number 14, mostly the call will be Valentines Day and goodbye teen is called for number 19. The calling out of the number is made even more interesting by the bingo caller. The style of calling invokes the correct response from the players. In army socials’, the calls are even funny like for number 8, the call is inevitably ‘one fat major’ etc.
Whether one plays online bingo in the US or in the UK, the main motto of the game is fun and enjoyment. The divergence in their forms doesn’t matter much.

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