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The bingo, which was considered as gamble till some time back, has assumed a charitable nature. This new appearance of bingo as a charitable game has changed the complete perception of Bingo. It was in the distant lands of Somalia where Bingo transformed its perception among the people.

In Somalia, the Spanish warship ‘Victoria’ was engaged in the guarding the waters against pirates. They were the part of European Union Mission against Piracy. After staying there for some time, the forces found that besides piracy, Somalia is facing other burning problems too. These problems include poverty, illiteracy, orphan children, diseases etc.  The forces were extremely moved by the plights of the orphans whose parents were dead in the ongoing troubles in Somalia. There were a few orphanages in Somalia but most of them faced a credit crunch and were unable to even take care of the existing orphans.

The frigate ‘Victoria’ decided to organize a charity bingo for one orphanage situated in the city of Djibouti. This frigate had earlier also organized a program called ‘Operation Diaper’ in 2004. This time they organized Bingo so as to collect money. This money was given to the orphanage to buy diapers, toys, clothes and other necessary items for the orphans which will be a great help to the orphanage.

This bingo match was played on 2nd February 2009 when the war ship ‘Victoria’ sailed into the Red Sea. The bingo fetched more than 500 Euros which will support the orphanage. This time the crew of ‘Victoria’ also donated medicines to the orphanage. The Bingo is so popular among the people that people didn’t mind spending their time and money on it. The collected amount will be spent for the noble cause.

There are other big online bingo sites which also do charitable work during the Christmas and Thanks Giving so as to help the needy. The bingo has emerged as big charity providers as people love to spend money in bingo. This gives them dual satisfaction as they play what they love to play and their hobby is able to help others. The online bingo sites also help people to win exotic prizes and money. Some online bingo sites even present cars and travel vouchers as lucky draws.

When a game is able to do a charitable act, it becomes fun. No one hesitates  to purchase the bingo tickets knowing that it will give them entertainment and the money will go into charity.

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