Online Bingo Can Keep You Physically Healthy and Mentally Agile

Online bingo has become extremely popular all over the world. There are hundreds of online bingo sites which are available 24 hours a day at your service. These online bingo sites also provide many other services besides gaming. It includes bingo news, bingo tips, bingo history etc. Online bingo can also make you win a jackpot.

But the latest news from the medical field also makes bingo, a game that can keep you smart and mentally agile. As it is a proven fact, it would be welcome news for the hard core online bingo players. The new players can also take up this game and make themselves smarter than their counterparts.

Recently, there was a research conducted by the Psychology Department of Southampton University. This research was done on the group of people belonging to 19 and 82 years of age. There were two groups of people - one who played online bingo and the other group which did not play online bingo. Both the groups were given some tasks which they have to complete in stipulated time. These tests were conducted to measure memory retention, reaction time, and mental speed.

The results of the tests were eye openers for many. The results showed that the group who played online bingo were able to retain more information that the group that did not play online bingo. Their reaction time of this group was also lower than that of the non online bingo players. The mental speed of completing a task was many times higher in the group which played online bingo. Though the younger group fared a little better in the online bingo group than the older lot in mental speed but the older people were better in short-time as well as long time memory and reaction time.

This test and results go on proving that playing online bingo makes the players smart and mentally agile. The people who play bingo can save themselves from many senile mental problems. The online bingo players as are more agile can do multi tasking in a better way. The finger and eye coordination keep them healthier. As the players get utmost pleasure in playing online bingo, they are in general very optimistic and happy people. They seldom face the problems of depression and loneliness. These people also rarely meet with any accidents, as all their mental faculties are always alert. The older people who play online bingo also suffer less from Alzheimer disease, though this needs to be researched further.

Therefore, it can be safely concluded that the online bingo players are more healthy and agile than the people who donít play online bingo.
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