Playing online bingo is always  fun and it has the capability of making you a jackpot winner. But the veterans say that it is not such a smooth sail. There can be some hitches that can stagger you and you may feel disappointed. Unless you are thorough with the verification of the online bingo sites, you may be duped. Before you engage into playing some mind blowing bingo online, check the following safety tips:

If you follow these tips, there is a chance that you will be able to enjoy your online bingo without any heartbreak.
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The site should be legal: When you register to any online bingo site, check out whether it is legitimate or not. Unless the site is legal, you may find yourself in soup. 
Find the site having high traffic: If the online bingo site is reputed and there are many members, then you can consider it as genuine and safe to indulge into. The more members - the less is the chance of the site duping people.
Keep your ID and password secret: Never divulge your ID or password to anyone. Your password must be unique and should not contain your name or date of birth. Most of the secure sites will ask you to confirm your identity through a link sent to your active email id.
Donít get lured by the promise of huge wins: There are some online bingo sites which try to get members by promising big money. Donít get into a trap of some unscrupulous sites which can rob you of your wins.
Donít use your credit card unless sure: Unless you have played a few games and are assured of the authenticity of the site, never give out your credit card details. Pay through other means like cheques or PayPal or Free Pay so that your transactions are safe.
Let fun be your main goal: Playing bingo is first and foremost an entertainment and then gambling. Therefore your motive should be to play and enjoy. Join those online sites which promise more fun and may be fewer stakes.
Join free sites if you are new: If you have joined the online bingo recently or are planning to play it soon, the best is to join the free sites. There you need not buy any cards - it is free, but if you win any game, they transfer your wins to your account. This is anytime better than losing money to some unscrupulous people.
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